Today was the vote for the money for a new high school. Vote yes, and we get a nice, new, state-of-the-art building for a fraction of the total cost, thanks to state reimbursements; vote no, and we get to pay much more to keep the old school from falling down, all with our own dough. I love the old school, the way it looks, its Estes Kefauver High entrance & cafeteria, its bust of JFK, but it’s outdated, run down, and beyond saving.

We let Tom fill in the space between the fronts of the arrows and their backs on our ballots with a black marker, then slide them into the ballot-counting machine, registering 99 & 100, so that he could vote for the construction of his own high school.

I have voted in so many elections by now, even ones where folks were running unopposed, but I think I am more emotionally invested in this election than in any other in which I’ve voted. Funny what having kids will do to you.

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