I am Caitlin von Schmidt. I grew up in Cambridge and Amherst, Massachusetts. I’ve also lived in Tucson, Arizona; New York, New York; New Bedford, Massachusetts; Providence, Rhode Island; and Westport, Connecticut. Now I live in Greenfield, Massachusetts.

My husband’s name is Justin. He grew up in Rhode Island. Our son is Thomas; he’s growing up in Greenfield right this moment. If you arrived here by searching for Helen von Schmidt, Eric von Schmidt, or Harold von Schmidt you’ve come to the right place, sort of. They are, respectively, my mother, father, and grandfather. If you’d like to read more about Eric or Harold (AKA Von), you can go to vonsworks.com.

In the ’80s and ’90s, in Arizona, I was in bands. I was in the River Roses, Ortho 28, and Caitlin & the Stickponies. I played bass, sang, and wrote songs. I was on the River Roses record Each and All, released in 1987, and I made my own CD called Fish, which was reIeased in 1992.

I went to college for Elementary Education, switched to Racetrack Management, drifted into Graphic Design, and graduated in Painting. My MFA is in Jewelry/Metals, but none of my thesis work was made of metal. These days I work mainly on the computer. Crazy. What more do you need to know?